Violin Shoulder Rest – Benefits and drawbacks of Using a Violin Shoulder Rest

Most beginning violin students today ought to begin using a violin shoulder rest. However, before becoming too accustomed to playing the instrument having a rest, the professionals and cons of utilizing one should be weighed. There are both good and bad arguments to utilizing a shoulder rest, and these ought to be strongly considered prior to making a committed decision.

Violin shoulder rests affix to the back underside of the instruments and are used to boost the height to create positioning and playing more comfortable. They normally are made to follow the curvature of the shoulder and therefore are padded for additional comfort.

The reasoning behind using a violin shoulder rest is that it keeps a student from having to enhance the shoulder or severely crook the neck to be able to securely hold the instrument while playing. Since the rest adds height to the instrument, the shoulder can lie more relaxed using the neck being only slightly tilted.

However, there are some negative reasons for utilizing a violin shoulder rest. A dark tone of the instrument can be muffled by its use, dampening the violin’s true vibrations. Some shoulder rests can in fact decrease the instrument’s volume by up to 1 / 3.

Violin shoulder rests may also damage the instrument through excessive tension and friction, causing it to get rid of value. If you’re playing, or thinking about playing, a costly instrument then this aspect should be taken into consideration.

Although many modern violinists use shoulder rests, they aren’t necessarily used by all. Such violin greats as Anne-Sophie Mutter, Efrem Zimbalist, Nathan Milstein, Tibor Varga, Michael Rabin, and much more not used at all, or don’t use, violin shoulder rests during their vibrant careers. Some discover that following within the footsteps of such violinist greats by using merely a thin sponge, a piece of cloth, or nothing whatsoever is most effective.

Begin by playing your instrument with no shoulder rest. If you decide that it is too difficult and uncomfortable then check out various violin shoulder rests before you find the exact fit that allows you to definitely play freely, focused and unhindered. Besides, it’s by pointing out music!

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